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University of Toronto Mississauga
Communication, Culture and Technology
David Smith

CCT109H5  Lecture XII Brandon Chan Gaming and New Media Culture Exam Information • Friday, June 21st 1:00-4:00 Room IB120 Reminder: • Test #2 Next Tuesday in Tutorial (topics covering visual and embodied modules) Last Class  Shift towards visual rhetoric from text  Rise of mass production of consumer goods and culture  Frankfurt School and early critical communication studies. What happens to mass production of culture. Not just in commodities, but mass media as well.  What are the consequences for the standardization and mass production of culture  Case study, visual history of soap advertisements. Making a product SEEM unique. Today Embodied Module: Shift to interactive communications PART 1: Gaming as excellent example for understanding new media Leisure, play and consumption in contemporary culture. "Personal computers will make out future adult population simultaneously more mathematically able and more visual literate. Ten years from now teenagers are likely to enjoy a much more richer panorama of options because the pursuit of intellectual achievement will not be tilted so much in favor of the bookworm but instead cater to a wider range of cognitive styles, learning patters and expressive behaviours." Why games?  Heavily oriented around both visual and interactive form of engagement and cognition thus in some respects creative play.  Immersions of players into various types of environments  Key area for understanding digital
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