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Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

05 Sounds and Representation Overview  Sound in film to DJ culture is quite controversial  Sound is also used as intimidation, and modern warfare  It is a form of representation, but it is unusual Sonic Warfare (Goodman)  In 2005, the Israeli air force was using sonic booms as “sound bombs” in the Gaza strip. A sonic boom is the high volume, deep frequency effect of low flying jets traveling father than the speed of sound  Felt like a wall of air pressure generated by massive explosion. (Goodman, 1): ear pain, nausea, anxiety, etc. o Accomplishes what tear gases accomplish. The focus of his book is the use of sound in a warfare way, looks at the grimmer side of sound. He also writes about blasting sound in prisons for intimidation  Sound and space to police a space – using high frequency in places to make people move  Sound as Power o Goodman “explores the rippling shockwaves of…sound and their impacts on the way populations feel – not just their subjective, personal emotions, but more their collective moods or affects” (2)  Goodman‟s examples o Long-range acoustic devices o Musical torture in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay  The Americans are having a hard time coping with what they had done to the prisoners Directional ultrasound in supermarkets and high-frequency rat repellents deployed on teenagers  Sound as an Enforcer of Space o Ghetto blaster – when you take it back a bit, there are terms behind this. If you think about what you are saying, it gets more offensive the more you think about it o Car culture – people do this also as teenagers. You are trying to do that to say that it is your turf Example from Cinema (Spike Lee)  Deeply criticized Django Unchained. Tarantino can push our buttons, but is having more of a hard time  Spike Lee‟s brilliant film is about a „turf war‟ over sound  The black and Italian populations of a small New York neighborhood war with each other o Gets worse as the film goes along o There is more going on in the opening than they thought o The wall is very important because they are all Italian American to them. That becomes a real source of tension for the black people  Analysis o From the dance part until the beginning, there are sounds coming in different ways  The background music changes in different scenes. The music changes from hip hop into strings  It is a completely contained place because of the heat wave. These are not people with the means to head down to the beach. They feel stuck in this place  Therefore, there is a claustrophobia in this place  Too much proximity to other people  The radio is a unite-er for all people o Samuel L. Jackson is extremely good with these words. He has amazing speeches that he can lay down, then we cut to someone who stutters  The stutterer is not taken seriously because he does not sound confident. The words that he is saying might be important  None of the people seem uncomfortable, but because Samuel L. Jackson said it‟s hot and uncomfortable, everyone is concerned with the heat  in life, this is credibility  Not being able to articulate your point will definitely make you sound not as confident and less reliable  Mansome  stuttering is so important, it is a difficult thing when you are trying to express yourself o The yelling when one son is wearing their headphone is a sign of rebellion  not being available to someone and checking out  Sal‟s Pizzeria
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