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Communication, Culture and Technology
Neil Narine

CCT 316 Consumption as Rebellion ** Ads that are forcing us and consumers to behave in a certain way 1. What is culture jamming 2. Are ads their worst enemy? 3. Making Ads for Cynical Consumers 4. Anti-Ads Culture Jamming – a method/tactic used by people and organizations outside of the industry to show what ads are doing, they essentially are spoofing popular ads. Examples include re arranging logos or images to challenge the ideas of what companies are promoting as being “Cool” Mind Share – companies that are concerned about how much their product and even their logo are of concern to their consumers, essentially of how much share or their product/logo/advertising takes over consumers minds 2. Are ads their worst enemy? From the 60’s to the 80’s the formula of deciphering ads has pushed viewers to boredom, anger and even cynicism • Companies need to stay fresh and relative in order to convince consumers to make purchases . Look at – Vintage, 2000), page 9 Can ads be culture jammed themselves? * According to Prof: Joseph Heath “NO!” Ads already incorporate our criticisms – they channel our negative opinions of ads back into supporting the ad itself The Rebel Sell - YouTube Video Anti – Ads * WILL BE ON THE MIDTERM* • They are produced as a means to target consumers and produce ads that make/force them to stand out Most famous anti-Ad – 1984 apple ad • Anti Ads adopt consumer’s perspective AGAI
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