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Lecture 11

CCT360H5 Lecture 11: LEC #11

, Fall 2016
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Communication, Culture and Technology
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Shanta Nathwani

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PHP, Backups and Wrap-ups
Additional PHP Files you might use:
1. Single.php shows a single post
2. Archive.php shows posts based on a category archive
3. Page.php shows a page
4. Header.php creates the header
5. Footer.php creates the footer
6. Sidebar.php creates the sidebar (+ widget areas)
Why would I want to change any of this?
You may wish to:
- show a page listing posts by a particular author and rather than just displaying the links,
you may want to display the excerpt of a few posts by the author.
- only show the date and not the time on a particular post.
- Add a static piece of text on your home page (
Links to Codex, etc.
Template Tags:
Template Hierarchy:
Function Reference:
Conditional Tags:
Displaying ALL posts by an author (Forum):
Tidy Repo:
1. Hard way
2. Not-so-hard way
3. The easy way
a. Backup buddy
b. Vaultpress
4. Full backup vs Database only
PHP, Part 3
Intro to Databases
- Databases are organized storage
- There are different kinds of databases. Relational databases are widely used in
find more resources at
find more resources at

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