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ENG110 Frankenstein notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Cary Dipietro

Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus Master plot- ingraved in culture, new takes on the story (story more poplular than the written work) 1816: Year Without A Summer: largest volcanic eruption -spread ash –misty/dark atmosphere –brooding -high levels of tephra -Poet[ Percy Shelly]: ran away with Mary Godwin to Villa Diodota (Lorn Virin) -Year without summer- cold/rainy (no enjoyment/inspiration)=> instead, tell ghost stories - Mary Shelly has a dream Romantic Period -enlightment –by science -Nature –radicals –facsinated by deaths -ie. Poet goes to mountain top to write a passionate novel [go to locations/nature] -classic/pagan/eastern folklore The Gothic Novel -young heroine taken away to a mysterious castle (creeks/portrait eyes follow you)  explained at the end (sometimes) -grotesque/sinister/out-of-bounds/the sublime (esthetic mode) -Take place in Italy/ places with passion (not England: modernism/scientific) The uncanny Valley -something familiar yet strange (ie. Doppelgangers, coincidences, déjà vu, repetition of the same, the absurd (look through a window to someone talking on a phone animated way, can’t hear them but its funny/ taken out of life “that’s weird”) -return of the repressed - things that resemble humans are cute/adorable unless they resemble too much ...(uncanny valley) freaks us out - Frankenstein is the bottom of uncanny valley (too real...creepy) The Sublime -an esthetic mode and philosophy (at a certain distance of fear/danger turns into pleasure) -ie. Your life=horror movie, but watch as safe distance= pleasurable -distance –scale: huge -powerful/moody/nature is brooding/nature is scary, but we’re lucky t
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