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Andrew Lesk

Dark Knight Juvenal Satire VI - morality is a link to vigilante - “I hear always the admonishment of my friends: old her in, constrain her? But who will watch the watchmen. The wife arranges and begins accordingly  We are responsible for watching ourselves through the political realm as we guard the Queen with our votes Ronald Regan - in US there is conservatism in the 60s P119 Politics vs Moralist- “ we sure is shooting” “we have god on our side”  American hero cleaning up government  Law and order is based on politics rather than JUSTICE( based on morality).  Justice morality is related to heroism  Heroism! What did golden age batman/superman do? Protect the country from EVIL. From evil comes the concept of JUSTICE and truth. Epitome of selflessness.  Traditional superheroes are alienated from the earth (are actually aliens) or superman feels alien too society so he asserts himself into the moral system of society to fit in (by doing good things). When he puts his power too good use he belongs. In superman no contradition between himself and society (if good for me its good for society- and fifills his destiny too do good so others are better off) Hes morally ritoues. Superman does it so others are well off and it fufills HIS needs  in our society hero definition has changed- before- doing something out of the ordinary- NOW celebs are considered HEROS. Ie wayne gretzky - Herosim is a threat too ones wellbeing- with superman there is no threat too him other than kryptonite. - are superheros a rebute too us? Its because we are inert, we know superman will do things for us. Miller says that we have become lax and now we cant depend on the police/politicans too do things for us - we are powerless too our gov’t too enact change. Vigilantes do it NOW- don’t have too wait for voting. Thus, vigiliantes are so attractive. Ronal Reagan - right winged absolutism - superman
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