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ENG237 November 14 - Who (or What) am I? part 1

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Michael Johnstone

ENG237 – November 14, 2012 1 Technoscience and Identity  There is a link to continuity and consistency within the oneness of identity  Science and technology have a definitive role in the shaping of identity Keyes and Egan: Transcending Human Limitations  Science and technology are at the heart of how the characters overcome their limitations and how the characters define themselves  Post-humanism and trans humanism - slightly utopian and optimistic view of humanity o Through science and technology we will overcome the limitations that we have and become more Keyes - Flowers for Algernon  Smartness - has a lot of value placed on it, shows that there is a social link to it  Keyes gives us material evidence of the level that Charlie is starting at and therefore the readers see how far he has to go  There are semiotic measurements of one's intelligence and smartness  Smart = normal, there are specific measurements of intelligence that are linked to reading and writing  His social identity is linked to his intelligence o With more smartness he becomes more valued in his society  Smart is more of a social signifier o He uses smart pre-operation and during his regression because its more of a social quantifier o He uses intelligent after his operation because it's more of a quantifiable thing, more about a deeper level of understanding  The story is revealing and exposing how the social understandings of intelligence is based on linguistic and semiotic understandings of intelligence o We utilize these things to socially define people and put them into social niches, the better you are at these things the more 'normal' you are seen to be o Reading and writing are markers then for intelligence and someone's ability to 'fit' into society  The story questions how stable/unstable t
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