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ENG237 October 10 - The End is Coming part 1

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Michael Johnstone

ENG237 – October 10, 2012 1 NEW UNIT: UTOPIA AND DYSTOPIA (The End is Coming) Bester: Adam and No Eve  This provides a display of scientific over-reaching  The end of the world and the extinction of humanity is done through the workings of a man scientist figure  The geological state of the earth is a product of destruction and the earth therefore becomes an unfamiliar, distranged and dystopian place  Krane is the main character and the sole point of view character o He is possibly the last human on earth while also being the mad scientist who started the destruction of the world o His physical condition (brokenness) mirrors that of the world  Sick, unhealthy, diseased, primitive state, regression, degraded o His psychological degredation is shown through hallucination o There is a link between the state of the world and the status of Krane  Krane's hubris is at stake in the opposition that Hallmyer has for his use of the catalyst to get his rocket to Mars o His view is based in a rational scientific point of view and he disregards Hallmyer's view o He puts the world and humanity in danger for his idea and need to achieve something great  Clear battle of wills and perspectives between Krane and Hallmyer and though Krane 'wins' Hallmyer was right and therefore he actually wins  Close to the end, krane gets a full understanding of what he's done and of his completely solitary nature o There is a lack of hope, sense of being isolated and alone, useless because he is unable to do anything about himself or the furtherance of human society o Understands the implications of what he's done, acknowledges his hubris and calls it a "mad act of one mad creature" o "He, alone, was useless. He was Adam, but there was no Eve." o Can the sea then be seen as Eve? Since she impregnates the Earth after Adam provides her with the bacteria and the genes needed to do so?  Can think of Hallmyer as the one who was trying to bring restraint and rationality but Krane's hubris overlooked him  "There need be no Adam - no Eve. Only the sea, the great mother of life was needed." o The introduction of the matriarchical sea figure brings hope back to the story o The knowledge that the sea would push life forward gives Krane hope that he didn't completely destroy the earth o The turn to hope is still based on science and rationality o His hope is based on evolution, there is a remembering of evolution and what it takes to continue life  At the end Krane has been both the catalyst of the end of life and the catalyst for the continuation of life o Adam and Eve are essentially unnecessary because nature and evolution will do the work of continuation of life ENG237 – October 10, 2012 2  "the Earth must be washed clean of sin and corruption so that a fresh start can be made and a new order established" -Masri o The goal of disaster narratives is to show that only through the washing away of things can there be a reconstruction to create something better o These stories make a utopian turn out of dystopia  Thr
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