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Ira Wells

ENG 364 Lecture 1Sept 1112Short presentation 15Sept 20 2 Essays 25Nov 20Mar 21 Inclass test 25Apr 2 Infromed participation 10 Short presentation one important theme symbol or motif5 minutes in length close reading of a short passage or even talk about a key word you can use YouTube or any type of music to explain something concrete about your thesisth20 century American Literature the works of our time about the America that we know literature reflects the country of farming and generations of women picking up and moving to the citiesIdeologyimaginary relations with their country to the real worldModernism 1 The relationship of literature to tradition literature should break free from the constraints of the tradition They reject that literature should be beautiful Writers are no longer writing just beautiful prose 2 Literatures relationship to pop culture writers have decided that pop culture has been seen as low and popularized 3 Arts relationship to politic art should not be related to politics postmodernism undoes the idea of modern hierarchyLecture2 Sept 1312 The art of Fiction parallaxes are used by the author he wants to overthrow the idea that there is a given set of rules for a novel to be truly successful being good in the novel means many different things to different people Everyone has their own idea but they all agree that the artistic idea would spoil some of their fun the old superstition about fiction being wicked has doubtless died out of England but the spirit of it lingers in a certain oblique regard directed toward ay story which does not more or less admit that it is only a joke
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