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Lecture 3

ENV310H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: 1973 Oil Crisis, Indira Gandhi, Future Shock

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Barbara Murck

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- Assignment 1 due oct 5
- Last week
o Roots of the concept of sustainability
o Beginning the trace the threads through the 19th and 20th centuries
o 1970s people saw env disasters
Silent spring
All of it added up and a decision was made to limit our use of resources
Trends toward market liberalization, globalization, structural adjustment
Reactions: env eco, etc
Scientific and technological progress causing increasing damage to the env
Growing a public awareness of env stresses and limitations
What has to happen for us to take notice of the damage caused?
o Context in the 1970s
Neo-malthusian perspective
OPEC oil crisis extremely important global event for both env and eco
1973-74 people lined up for hours to get gas
Huge event for the economy and env
o Huge global recession
People started to think about limitations
aye gas is ot the est idea
Small is beautiful argued for local economies
Limits to growth first scientific study of the env that used computer modelling
to figure out the limits of resources
Future shock pop will grow a lot
Gives a good opportunity to point fingers at nations where pop is rising
Dotted lines prediction
Solid lines what actually happened
UN conference on human env
Held in Stockholm
Look at interaction bw people and the env
Key event in the emergence of sustainable development
Outcome: established UNEP UN Env Program
Indira Gandhi solve the problem of poverty first
Seen as a turning point or a failure
Coming together of ideas around development and poverty
Crucial bc it made the connection bw env and human development
Failed to achieve its goals bc it looked at symptoms rather than causes
o J Coomer (1979) a sustainable society lives within the self-perpetuating limits of its
e, ut ot a o-goth soiety
Dot hae to stop pogessig, ut dot push e oudaies
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