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Jan 6 2012 ENV100 Lecture NotesFRESHWATER SYSTEMS AND WATER RESOURCES READING Chapter 11These lectures will help you understandWater and the hydrologic cycleWaters distribution on EarthFreshwater systemssurface water and groundwaterUse and alteration of freshwater systemsProblems of water quantity and some solutionsProblems of water quality and some solutionsThe price of a litreWhat is the cost for a litre of bottled water For a litre of gasoline What should be reflected in these prices What price do you think was paid for the water by the company that bottled it What is the source of the bottled water you consume o Is it groundwater and if so is its source adequately protected o Is it tap water and if so what kind of treatment does it receive o Is it any healthier than tap waterWhat happens to the plastic or glass waste Turning the tap The prospect of Canadian bulk water exportsHow much do we pay for tap water lowHow much should we pay for tap waterShould Canada sell its water to the USIf we started to sell our water would we retain complete political and economic control over itWhat happens environmentally when water is transferred from one drainage basin to another o What would happen if water were taken via pipeline from the Great Lakes or James Bay and shipped to California for exampleThere is already a global water crisisBy 2025 the worlds population could increase to almost 9 billion peopleAccording to the UN 23 of those people will be living in conditions of serious water shortage Global demand for fresh water will exceed availability by 56 percent43 countries 12 billion people today already face water scarcity United Nations2011 o The wars of the twentyfirst century will be fought over water World Water Commission Chairman Ismail Serageldin
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