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ENV100 Lecture NotesFeb 10 2012 Goodbye Polar Bears an ocean of ice snow and water surrounded by land The Arctic is of special importance to the world biologically ecologically climatically and culturally o home to plants animals and people that survive in some of the most extreme conditions on the planet4 million people live in the Arctic today 8 nations dozens of ethnic groupsIndigenous people10 of the total arctic population in Canada arctic population economy of the region is based largely on natural resources oil gas and metal ores sh reindeer caribou whales seals and birdstraditional subsistence and barter economies are importantThere is overwhelming and compelling evidence that the Arctic climate is warming rapidlymuch larger changes are projected within the next few decadestemperatureprecipitationseaice extent Annual average arctic temperature has increased twice as rapidly as that of the rest of the wo
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