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ENV100 Lecture NotesMar 9 2012 Black The New Green Guest Lecture ByCarolyn WinsboroughOUTLINE 1 What is Biochar2 How is Biochar produced 3 Environmental BenefitsSoil ImprovementsClimate Change and Energy ProductionPollutionFood Security 4 My ResearchWHAT IS BIOCHAR Terra preta do Indio If you read the text books it shouldnt be hereAn anomaly in the TropicsTypically soil is o Red and yellow soil o Highly weathered o Acidic o Low in organic matter o Low in essential nutrientsWhat did they findThousands of burial urns and ceramic pieces date back 2000 yrs7000yrsTerra preta found on low hills overlooking rivers 70 more charcoal than adjacent soils Why more charcoalSlash andBurnan agricultural practice where farmers clear their fields and burn the biomass to flush enough nutrient into the soilSlash and Charfarmers burned biomass incompletely creating charcoal and stirred this into the soil then added nutrients animal bones and excrementTo test if charcoal was the culpritA trial was performed on the infertile soils of the Amazon by adding various treatments of charcoal and nutrientsIn two years treatments of charcoal and fertilizer grew as much as 880 more than plots with just fertilizer alone
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