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University of Toronto Mississauga
Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Crime Scene and Evidence Scene: site which the crime took place - Primary/secondary cs’ - Macroscopic and microscopic - Indoor/outdoor (limited time) Evidence: - Physical evidence: material items (non-living origin, biological evidence comes from living) - Testimonial evidence: witnesses (consistency…) To prove that: - Crime has been committed - Link suspect to the scene/victim (trace evidence) - Key elements of a crime (who, what) - Leads - Repeated behavior (way that crime was committed) Also: - Identity of victim/suspect - Verify witness testimony - Exonerate the innocent - Identify unknown substances - Crime recon/interpret crime scene (how) CS Team: - Patrol officers and detectives - CS civilian technicians - Major CS team - Forensic lab CS scientists - Collaborative team Protocol: - Recognition or identification of CS (boundaries), inner and outer perimeters - Examination of CS - Documentation of CS (all police officers will be writing notes, signing people in and out) - Collection and preservation of evidence - Interpretation of evidence - Recon of events First Responding Officer: - Assist the victim - Search and arrest the suspect - Identify witnesses - Secure CS: 1. Police tape 2. Scene security officer 3. CS security log (contamination) - Report changes to CS CS Survey - Walk-through - Note transient (temp. evidence) or conditional evidence (winder, lights etc.) and weather conditions - Note pts of entry and exit - Record brief initial observations - Consider precautions and equipment needed Documentation: - Notes (always) - Video - Photos - Sketch - Digital Imaging Searches: - L
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