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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Explosives Chemistry Section - Explosives investigation - Fire investigation - Trace evidence - Glass - Soil - Paint - Hair & Fibre - Gun Shot Residue (GSR) -Analyze non-biological substances - Lachrymators/ Pepper Spray - Dye packs Food Tampering - Miscellaneous Chemistry Section Explosives Group - 3 scientists in Toronto/CFS - 3 technologists - 10 cases per year pre-2007 - 20-30 cases per year 2008 owned - 1 Assistant Section Head (Manager) - Intact - Trace What does the Explosives Scene Investigation? - Police Explosive Disposal Units (EDU) - Police Emergency Task Forces (ETF) - Police Emergency Response Teams (ERT) - Police identification Offices (Ident) What is an Explosion? Asudden release of a larger amount of energy Potential energy -> Kinetic energy - Blast wave - Propulsion of debris - Light and/or heat (smoke/fire sometimes) Types of explosions - Atomic explosions - Nuclear - Emit Infrared and UV radiation - Physical explosions - Rapid change in physical state - Potential Energy -> Kinetic Energy - Chemical explosions - Extremely rapid chemical reaction - Exothermic reaction = release of heat - Generation of large quantities of gas, pressure/shock wave, high temperatures, noise Fire Triangle: Oxidizer, Oxygen; Heat, Ignition Source; Fuel Explosion - (combustion) deflagration detonation - (slow oxidation) subsonic supersonic Bottle Bombs “Axe Bombs” What is an Explosive? - Legally/”ExplosivesAct”:An explosive is material manufactured for that purpose - Any material that can be made to explode – to produce an explosion - Materials that aren’t manufactured or intended to be an explosives can be made to ‘explode’ - Intent - Chemical explosives - Chemicals containing a high amount of potential energy - Molecules contain oxygen and fuel, or chemical mixture of fuel and oxidizer - C
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