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Lecture #8

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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

thNovember 8 2011Lecture 8Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in OntarioGoudge Inquirycreated to address serious concerns other the way criminally suspicious deaths involving children are handled by the Province of Ontarioresponse to a large number of wrongful convictionsmajority of cases being reinvestigated involved those for which Dr Charles Randal Smith of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto had providedCharles SmithCanadian Pathologistcertified as anatomical pathologist in 1980no actual forensic or pediatric forensic trainingjoined Hospital for Sick Children in 1981started doing autopsies on children who died sudden or suspiciouslyin 1992 made head of then newly formed pediatric forensic pathology unitBecame almost solely responsible for investigating suspicious child deaths in OntarioPediatric Forensic Pathological Ontario Inquiryinquiry to be held to determine the state of the Forensic Pathology system in Ontariogoal was to come up with suggestions to improve system in order to ensure that these errors would not be repeatedJustice Stephen T Goudge named commissionerheard evidence from November 2007 to early 2008report release October 2008Main Goals of Investigation
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