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Lecture 2

GGR111H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Bretton Woods Conference, Core Countries, Structural Adjustment

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Nicole Laliberte

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GGR111 Week 2 Thursday
Radi-aid Video
- Mocking the idea that Africa is not independent
- Always requires aid from other places
- Geographic assumpon of Africa as whole, poor/underdeveloped
- Hot can help the cold (Norway cold/Africa Hot)
- Africa is not a country its a CONTINENT
What is development? What is associated with development?
- Urbanizaon
- Infrastructure
- Westernizaon
- Populaon
- Where people migrate to
- Industrializaon
- Medical Care
- Technology
- Fatality/mortality rates
- Educaon
- Birth Rate
- Transportaon
The language Di3erence
- First and Third world used frequently
To make a disncon between developed and developing places
Out of me term used
Not used anymore to describe places
Rostows theory of Modernizaon
- Any country can achieve it by following the ladder
- Says any country can climb the ladder and become developed
Criques of Modernizaon Theory
Very linear
Aware of how to get there/why are we not there?
Implies that people are just behind (me reference)
Based on a western model (Western modernizaon rather than helping developing
No variety
World Systems theory/Dependency theory
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