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HIS230H5 Lecture Notes - Ming Dynasty, Protestant Reformation, Anathema

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Mairi Cowan

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October 9, 2012- Introduction to European History
The Council of Constance 1414-1418
- Called to end the great schism where there were 3 popes claiming authority
- Put their own authority above the Pope
- Looking to defend orthodox Catholicism
o Met at limited success
- Language of reform
o “for the peace, exaltation, and the reformation of the Church”
- Not the first or only catholic call for reform
o Ex. Gregorian reform
o Development of Dominican and Franciscan Friars movement
o Devotio moderna
- Before the reformation, dominant practice is Catholic
o 1560, no longer dominant Catholic
The trigger: The Lutheran Reformation
- Dispute over the selling of indulgences
- St Peter’s Basilicia building money came in through the selling of indulgences
o In return of paying money, avoidance in time in purgatory, some of church’s penalty for
sin is taken away, not a ticket to heaven and won’t take you out of hell
o A lot of people believed buying an indulgence meant buying a ticket to heave
- Albrecht from Germany sold these indulgences, per mitted to use some revenue for himself, to
pay off his debts
- Martin Luther 1483-1546
o Can into contact with Johann Tetzel who was selling the indulgences on the street and
didn’t agree
o Luther presented a letter to Albrecht called “95 Theses” on indulgences 1517
o Doesn’t nail 95 Theses to door or start a reformation
o Was an accidental reformist
o Never criticizes theory behind indulgences
o Worried Christians aren’t being good Christians
o Criticizing making the indulgences a higher authority
o University of Wittenberg
o Luther didn’t want to publish these theses but his friends did and it spread
o He didn’t want to start a reformation
o Freedom of a Christian 1520
Sola scriptura; by scripture alone
Only need the word of God and the gospel of God
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