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Kevin P.Coleman

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Multitude. Last lecture before BM visit
-Multitude: “an insurgent subject with the capacity for full autonomy” it forms the constituent
power. Individuals whom remain ind. and have the power of autonomy get a form of
constituent power
-Bm uses points to argues his points
-when going thru the conclusion he lists of a bunch of cases and examples. This really ties
everything in together. These examples are not lmited to the conclusion. We saw Peron
(Argentina) in the early chapter. The early chapters should be referred to for more details about
the case studies and referring to the conclsion on the connection with Multitude, affect, and
-the examples he gives are Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, and Chile
-in the essays you should look at the cases in depth. You need to go step by step in examining
his theory discussing the faults and the strengths in the cases. This may include bringing in
other examples that you may think of. Don’t worry if you cant think of exmapels, its not
necessary as long you critique the examples provided by Beasley Murray.
BM is visiting next week. Prepare questions throughout the course. This will contribute to
participation marks.
Questions should be thought out and preferably critical thought and not just opinion questions.
You must stay for the whole time.
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