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The Caribbean and Mesoamerica  Aztecs controlled Mexico before the Spanish  Island of Hispaniola (present day DR/Haiti) o Occupied by the Taino (Arawaks) 500 years ago o Root crap- manioc. Made cassava bread o Columbus may have landed here in 1490s o Caribs may have been cannibals. o Columbus described the island as full of resources, fearful ppl o Encomienda system  Spanish settlers were granted rights to the ppl’s labour- they would protect the Taino, Spanish could mine for gold on the island (Taino had to labour/mine)  Population 700 000, but in 25 yrs 29 000. The women didn’t want children b/c Spanish tortured and killed Taino when they arrived. th o Sugarcane: impt for economy in Saint-Domingue (18 cent)  Slavery of ppl who arrived from Africa  Slaves had terrible lives o Coffee: didn’t compete with sugar, but complimented the economy o Mid 1700s- St. Domingue was the leading producer of sugar and coffee. o The Haitian Revolution  St. Domingue- most profitable slave colony in the world (French colony)  8000 sugar plantatio
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