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East AsiaHistory of Tea 282011 91000 AM Have a long history of food Rice millet soybean Not for all the tea in China Expression for not wanting to do something1930s in Australia Shows the sheer length of history in China World history owes a lot of history to East China like printing paper gun powder etc Origins Leaves from Camellia Sinensis and this plant gives us a clue of where it is oriented as Sinensis means Chinese Even until today people of Burma are accustomed to making tea salads and was possible that it was first eaten before drunk Emperor Shen Nungboiling some water for health and some leaves of the tea plant were dropped and he was refreshed Who can say that tu is bitter It is as sweet as the shepherds purseConfucius Han Dynasty 26BC220AD Start to see cuts that resemble tea cups It was used largely for medicine Normally of high elevation tea is of high quality if grown in higher elevation Green tea was more commonly used and does not go through a process of oxidation and therefore does not heat very well Women would brew tea would for a long time and then would make it into a cake this would be important to the next dynasty of China Tang Dynasty 618907 Golden age for tea consumption and as history This was when great wine and cakes made with butter more popular Tea was recorded to be high status tea leaves picked in Spring time where it is most tender Leaves were picked by hand by young unmarried women they would go before dawn and dense fog would come around and they would not see one another and to settle rattled snake They would wear protection to unhinder the tea leaves Lu Yu The Classic of Teaa tea manual improperly prepared would make it poisonous
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