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HIS284 – Wk2 09/17/2012 Knowledge and Political Order: Ancient China in Transition Central States: What is the relationship between knowledge and political order?  Territorial disputes rooted in the Manchu takeover The World of Kingdoms  Xia (220-1800 BCE) (?) o No particular evidence to prove that the Xia dynasty existed o A sort of legendary dynasty o Only evidence is textual evidence which has fictional/mythical qualities o Although there is no concrete evidence, it is still relevant as it is seen as the first political part of China‟s history  Chinese origin; modern interpretations  Shang (1700-1046 BCE) o Material evidence to support existence o Oracle Bones*:  Evidence to prove political structure  Turtle and ox bones that contain inscriptions  2 types:  Records of every day life  Ritual Purpose: containing excerpts of “wisdom”, particularly for divination, predictions to future providing a sense of relief and control.  Zhou (1045 – 256 *disputed BCE) o Divided in to 2 periods  Spring and Autumn Period  Warring States Period o This dynasty lasted for such a long period of time, yet we know very little about it o Warring States:  Constant warfare and competition between states  Changing techniques of Warfare:  Chariot and Infantry  Not only material changes but also political ordering  Social mobility as peasants and elites walked in unity in Infantries in place of Chariots carrying elites
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