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Lecture 2

HIS284H5 Lecture 2: World Together World Apart

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Meghan Marian

World Together, World Apart Chingghis Khan - Takes them 4 years to get from Inner Mongolia to the main city in 1250 Kublai Khan - Son of Chingghis - Defeats the Southern Song Dynasty in 1279, first time that a foreign people had the right to rule China - Founded the Yuan Dynasty o Means Origin of the Universe - Commits to Sinicization (committing himself to become like a Chinese ruler) o Integration to the local culture - Split China between North and South o Southern Chinese considered least trustworthy - Foreigners welcomed and not rejecting them o Arabs, Jews, Marco Polos - Trade roads and ship routes o Most known was the Silk Road - Kublai used Chinese in the government o Used them as lower level officials - Mongols kept their identity though o Their women didn’t bind their feet - Kublai established himself as a warrior and an intellectual o Court known to be a bit of a party ▪ Not very formal but rather lively ▪ Buddhism and Daoism survived well through the Yuan Dynasty o Liked to keep literate and debaters around - Not looking to push harsh punishments o Controlling people through good governance - After 1279, his reign started to decline o Made 2 attacks on Japan that did not go well ▪ Wanted to be seen as a world conquerer rather than a Chinese bureaucrat o 1274, sends 25k men across the sea (Mongols are not sea-faring people) ▪ Defeated by a typhoon o 1281, send 140k men, recruits Korean troops to send ▪ More bad weather rekt them, the winds were called the Kamizake (divine wind) ▪ Japanese saw this evidence as Gods protecting them o Makes an attempt to get South East Asian - Dies 1294, Mongol rule starts to waver - 1308 -1333, incredible amount of instability between Mongol rule - Mongols no longer hold power and is pushed out by the Han people o Mainly because of peasant unrest ▪ Over-taxation ▪ Excess demand for free labour ▪ Unsuccessful military campaigns ▪ General insecurity ▪ Chinese resented a foreign dynasty ▪ All because of a weak Mongol rule - End of the Yuan First Globalization? - Some people believe rise of capitalism is the first time there was a world system - She argues that the Mongols brought along a form of world system - Pax Mongolica o Pax – Latin for peace o The Mongolian Peace - Before the Mongol rise, old world system was separated empires o Old world Asia, Europe, Africa - Mongols connected the entirety of Asia through the use of the Silk Road/Trade routes o (Many, many silk roads. Smaller routes connecting to the main route with oasis systems through out) - When you have one empire ruling all this, less competition between the traders, more security, more safety, less risk o Gives all the people trading for their local kings access to more goods and commodities, creates more demand, more supply o Creates a luxury market. Speciality goods from around the world into new markets - Promotes the growth of cities o Increased markets happened in the cities, so larger markets need more area, people from rural areas drawn to them o Oasis system created a relay system in which centers for people to trade and rest were developed, which grew into cities - Exchanging not just goods but all the technologies and experience that goes with it o Routes get as far as the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf o China bringing in technology for the West and exporting quality goods - Deposit banking at oasis stations o Concept of insurance emerging and also fiscal money emerging ▪ Primarily in Northern Stations because the sand preserves the paper better - Islamic math and astronomy emerges from Africa - Chinese technology and paper making go towards Europe - Pax Mongolica isn’t a forced peace but rather a consequence of being ruled under one empire o A method of communication The Ming Dynasty, 1368 – 1644 - Multiethnic and multireligious - Rulers always looking at ways to expand territory and including people under their rule - Dynasty that extends itself further than ever through sea voyages o Almost overnight, snaps back ▪ Some people see this as China pulling away from a global world ▪ Others see this look back into the past, and focused on tradition, because the scholars understood that the trade would threaten their power structure - Founded by Zhu Yuanzhang, AKA Hongwu emperor o Born to a desperately poor peasant family o Born as a sickly baby ▪ Parents offered him to Buddha to spare his life o When he was 16, his parents and 2 brothers had died to the bubonic plague o Buddhist monks taught him basic literacy but does not have a formal Confucion education ▪ 1352, temple attacked by Yuan and is left alone in the world at 24 o Attracted to paramilitary group named the Red Turbans ▪ He’s physically imposing, tall and big ▪ Super intelligent and fearless ▪ Impresses the leaders and is promoted almost immediately o Givencommand over his own troops o Marries the commanders daughter and takes the commanders place when killed in battle o Troops occupy Nanjing ▪ Important, because
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