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His284H5-Lec 7 WW1 and post WW1

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Sherry Fukuzawa

- Joseon/choson period lasted over 500Y - Tributary to china - Very confucious - Examinations ect but also like classes - Combinations of the two ridged structures made them more susceptible to being taken over - Most conservative out of the 3 countries..."the hermit kingdom" did not like western influences but Christianity made a larger influence - Donghak (examinations) founded by Jeong jin...also had visions of jesus - Restore korean strength and repel western influence - Was very popular to peasants - Government fought over peasant china - Didn't realize that china was not doing well - Japan was interested in korea (for natural resources...and for more geo power) - Decided to wedge itself between china and korea - Opened 3 ports - Which is why china supported korean independence (lated for 10y) - China and japan clashed inside joseon - Heavily dominated by japan in 1885-not a tributary state anymore...not fully recognized until 1905 - Japanese occupation of Korea - Tried very hard to extract all sources...human and natural - Comfort women...famin because rice was given to japan - Isn't allowed to speak or write korean outside home - Koreans were persecuted ect in Japan (day labour) - Treaty of versai - Korea tried to appeal to US who at the time was for independence - Korean delegate suicide to speak against lack of korean participation - Republican china - After may forth nationalism was well as communism - Most of china was governed by war lords at the time - Min zu-nationalism, Min quan- democracy, min sheng-people's livelihood - CCP and Guo Ming dong was opposing but was brought together by war lord problem - Strike against western goods and cut off Hong Kong trade - Northern expedition (1926-1928) - Marched through spreading bad news against war lords - Chiang kai shek-against ccp and was secretly had relations with western power - Was working to shut off western influence...awks - United front did not work out for ccp - Went underground - Mao figured out that the people is important tho - Chiang kai shek (1887-1975) - Born to merchant family and lived in middle to wealthy class - Raised by mother...father died before 8 - Idolized his mother who imbodied by confusion values (never remarried...and supported her song) - Educated in japan and served in japanese imperial army - One of the founding members of the Guo ming Dang after participating in the Tong men Hui - Returned to china after fall of Qing - Veered to the right wing of Guo ming (confusian above all...a bit christian too) - Renamed capital (display of power and showed change)-Bei Ping - Acute poverty every where - Qing lost mandate to heaven - Chiang Kai shek focused too much on military and didn't pay attention to the ppl - CCP worked on that - New life movement - Return to old values 1934- confucianism, christianity, nationalism and militarism - Was into details? How ppl washed each other ect - Veering too much towards fascism, made ppl uncomfortable - Called nanjin decade (the 10Y he ran things) - Guo ming dang: South t
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