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His284H5- Lec 1

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Sherry Fukuzawa

- Persians named china after the dynasty chin - Zhong guo (middle kingdom) - Yellow river (hua xia lived there) - Tian xia (closest to heaven; all under heaven) a literal, political and metaphysical representation - Closest to heaven is the home of the tian zi - Mandate of heaven (tian ming) power to rule...but a good ruler. When kingdom is in tatters they don't have the mandate - Heaven gives right to rule - Only one ruler - Based on virtue of the ruler - A monarchy but only if son is worthy - Five confucian relationships - Ruler to ruled - Father to son - Husband to wife - Elder brother to younger brother - Friend to friend - Inside this relationships they are power structured, your personal interest is only secondary - Ridged relationships - Dynastic history - Ruled by one same family - Named by the founding emperor - Limitations: points out a specific time...too power concentrated...crucial points missed...misses gender, ethnicity...makes it seem too simple - Shang dynasty (1600BC-1046BC) - Capital: Yin - Yin shu (archeological dig)-oracle bones first identified (turtle bones...) dried turtle bones to predict future - Religious studies, touch on sacrifice - The warring states of china (260BCE) - Last period with fragmented china - Hectic times (lots of wars ect) no prosperity ect - Lots of academic growt
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