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Lecture 4

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Tong Lam

East Asia and the Modern World A reconnected world  New world crops o Impacts on population and ecology  Silver-based economy o To prevent forgeries o Required a huge amount of silver o The Chinese demand for silver drove the world economy o For the first time the world was directly connected  A new world-system emerged  Ming dynasty, colonial The myth about “the Rise of the West” and “the decline of the East”  Cultural uniqueness of Europe: “The Miracle” o Adventurous o Trade o Science  Renaissance>Enlightenment>Industrial capitalism (steady rise) o Industrial capitalism was a global phenomenon, developments across the world allowed this to happen  Diffusion (Eurocentrism)  Old narrative: What was wrong with China/Japan/Asia? o Looking for similarities and differences The myth about the decline of China and Japan  Stagnant and unchanging  Inward-looking  Confucian culture was not interested in trade  The lack of science New explanations  Chinese (Ming dynasty) trade records aren’t as available as European ones due to a majority of it being private records Cultural encounter between Europe and East Asia Qing  (Pronounced ching)  A lot of similarities between the Manchu and the Mongols (1644-1912)  Similar to Ming, similar rituals and culture o Only for show, they didn’t do
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