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HIS 306 Lecture Notes Februry 7 2013New Leaders New Challenges1 Brief summary of leadership change in USSR USAA Stalin and his successors 1 Stalins style of leadership uncertainty rumors of impending purge Leningrad Affair doctors plot2 Stalins vision of the world USSR under constant threat from capitalist powersBUT capitalist powers must eventually attack one anotherUS and Britain3 lurid stories of Ss death successors search for new policies rivalries inherited burden of military vsdomestic needs domestic thaw dismantle Gulag2 BeriaMalenkov leadership3 East Germany June 1953 arrest of Beria Khrushchevs ascendency4 Korea 5 Peaceful coexistenceAustrian treaty Vietnam GenevaB Eisenhowers America1 oppose communism video clip He May Be a Communist httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvAWeZ5SKXvj8featurerelated2 McCarthy and McCarthyism3 Prosperity consumerism conformity httpwwwyoutubecomwatchv8u2BTjLte0k4 The nuclear i
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