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Background to cold war

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University of Toronto Mississauga

Background to the cold war Lecture notes will be available on black board Beginning of the 20 century Old Europe 1914 pre-WWI contained 4 big empires: Imperial Germany, imperial Russia, Austria- Hungary and ottoman Turkish empire The largest was the british empire- Africa, asia, and dominons of Canada and austraila Rissian empire extened to parts of northern chinaManchuria The Japanese had built a strong industrial state and would plan to take control china and korea The Turkish empire The first world war occurs and most empires diminish see slides Poland, checz, Yugoslavia, Rumania, ukrane, finland, Estonia, Latvia and luthania are created Emergence of ne nations with little to know experience Many had to create them sleves and had emmence difficulty and fell into patterns of authroitatian rule Yugoslavia- lumped together of peace makers and later fell in to conflict as well A legacy of breaking empires, while the overseas empires remain mostly in place 1920-1941 economic dislocation low growth, local dissatisfaction, tendency to look for scapegoats and easy solutions Two legacies that arrive from this way 1. Wilsonian idealism o making thw world safe for democracy in other words, free market and free trade o Creation of a league of nations
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