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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kevin P.Coleman

“The human body can be affected in many ways, whereby its power of activity is increased or diminished.” “the human body can undergo many changes, and nevertheless, retain the impressions or traces of objects, and consequently, the same images of things.” -Spinoza, Ethics, III. Postulates 1 and 2 BM draws his opinions on affect from Spinoza and Deluze. “Affect, for Deluze and Spinoza, is an index of power: we may feel pain (a sad passion) when our power of acting is diminishes, we may feel pleasure (a joyful passion) when it is enhanced” – BM, 128 -affect = an index of power; property of body for BM -postulate 2: we have a succession of ideas that affect us in certain ways, ex. Like meeting Patrick makes you feel bad. When you meet with Paul you feel good or reassured. But you maintain a stable part of you even through changes in idea -Ideas are representations on has about something. Affect are, nonrepresentational, feelings. -back to the ex. You don’t know why Patrick makes you feel the way you do thus its an inadequate idea of Patrick (only know the affec
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