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University of Toronto Mississauga
Rebecca Wittmann

Lecture 8  Repression and suppression going on, mostly suppression o Desire to push into background what's happening with Holocaust  April 1845 when British liberate camp Bergen-Belsen (?) come across bodies o One of places where people starved and didn't make it during death marches from Poland to Germany o Encountered dead, starved, naked body and were shocking when came across them b/c weren't prepared for this o 3 years later after knowing what was going on but were still shocked  Use of propaganda o WWI British used German atrocities to propagate terrible atrocities, some true some not, so this 2nd time during WWII didn't really believe it o Countries also busy with the war, people/soldiers etc. more concerned about their own houses  Got so much info from exiled Polish government in London knew what was going on and 1942- 1943 published and sent info to press o 1942 exiled Polish prime minister radiocasted clearly what was going on o 1943 statistically accurate and emotional letter get published by British press (Zygelboim letter)  Late 1943 Rudolf Vrba escaped Auschwitz and with Wetzler wrote Vrba-Wetzler report in 1944 to British what Auschwitz was like in 1943 (in detail) o Still not much action taken  Prob: info people receiving and how to process it  It's not that people don't know what's going on but either don't understand what's going on or shift priority somewhere else (i.e. focus in war: win war, mass murder over) Switzerland, _________ heard about Wannsee Conference and sent telegram to London's foreign  office, state office of US to send to head of Jewish committee Steven Wise(?) o Foreign office in US sit on it for 3 months  When he gets it, causes allied declaration which confirms annihilation of Jews and what's going on o Prob: numbers are off, not using acid but CO and cyanide  June 1941 invasion of Soviet Union brought to attention to western countries o Reports: Hungarian soldiers on leave, many witnesses  1942 number of Jews to be murdered etc all these plans leaked to Allies, Bundt (?) etc. o Also to ___________ (member of underground resistance in Poland)  Would cross line between occupied Poland  Even entered Warsaw ghetto  Was already courier of info but saw firsthand and transferred info  Nov 1942 delivered on behalf of Polish Jews to allies to stop this o Met with Roosevelt ad tried hard to get these countries to intervene  Around same time as Allie declaration, has to do with fact that they know what's going on, have to acknowledge what's going on and stop it  Took time to come out, genocide began summer 1941 and year and a half later find out and 1944- 1945 some action started to be taken  Discussion guaranteeing neutral countries …  Store money in Swiss so it can be transferred back but that wasn't the case  1943 Bermuda Conference o Looking like a real plan being formed o April 1943 US and British officials met to think of solution for wartime refugees  1944 War Refugee Board o Government agency set up by Roosevelt thanks to pressure from Jewish ministers in government  Became important for getting info and getting refugees  Played role in Hungary when Hungary stop being allie and occupied by Germany o Request Hungarians not send Jews and requested President to o Pressure from Vatican too, was enough to put a stop in 1944  Some of the help wouldn't have been given in 1942 because Germans on winning streak 
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