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University of Toronto Mississauga
Richard White

Lecture 4  Article by Patterson -> directed more on history of Upper Canada than York specifically and about family compact o Term by William Lyon McKenzie o Key rise in public reform and got responsible government as victory signs of commercial development  3 roads to west, Younge and Dundas still here today and built by Queen's ____ o In 1830s/40s roads not well surfaced, stagecoaches running on them by 1840 o Easiest way to get by was by boat  Along King, commercial shops, Church and King had commercial land where cathedral now stands (Anglican church reserved land and built) o Court, fire hall there and jail also there for a while  1797 decision to reserve land led to this Politics  Rebellion 1837 -> in Toronto (primarily) but wasn't really Toronto event o Group of several hundred rebels (McKenzie was business man with his own printing press and newspaper) -> McKenzie also against them(rebel) and opposed them o 1836-37 he goes to countryside and gathers people o 1837 winter he arranged for them to gather at Montgomery's Tavern and over course of days they organized themselves and planned o 5th Dec. marched down Younge till College and shots fired and military got stirred up and reports of rebels trying to set Dawn bridge on fire o 7th Dec military organized and marched down Younge St. with cannon to the tavern and shot - > rebels dispersed, some arrested and 2 were hanged o British authorities alerted and something had to be done  Sent people to study this etc. so rebellion had an effect o But … McKenzie stirred up people for no benefit, 2 were hanged (Britain had its own rebellions) and thought that all these changes would've happened anyway (established critique)  After rebellion, Toronto became more conservative, rebellion looked down on  Major act of defiance wasn't gunning people down but marching down Younge St. (parades are bold acts of defiance, especially on public space; symbolic claims, assertion) -> Younge St. seen as symbolic territory they were gonna assert power over  A
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