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Types of Democracy

Political Science
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Graham White

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Forms of democracy
Canada: an actual democracy
Pub. In 1921 by lord Bryce
oWell known athor of political science
Positive aqssesment of cdn democracy
From current perspective, many short comings in cdn democracy
Result of a visit made to Canada
While Canada wasnt perfect, it was an actual democracy, it was a solid and
functioning democracy
It was only a few years ago that most Canadian women to vote, though quebec didnt
give any vote to women till 1940
Very few women ran and none elected women couldnt be a senator because you
needed to be a person, which women werent
Aborigional people could not vote, nevermind thweir other views of democracy
oRaise or spend money to raise a legal challenge against the government
oAborigional children had to go to residential school
No charter
No public hearings, were unknown
Discrimination of religious and race
Few plebiscites or referenda
Now laws or restrictions on how politians raised their monet or spend money,m and
it was all secret no one knew about how money came in or went out
By now from our point of view how are these characteristics be democratic
Standards of democracy change
We shoiuldn[t be complacent

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oFair enough to condlude we are better off now, but if one wonders have to
wonder in another 90 years from now chricsitisng us
Positive change possible
oIt is possible to make improvements
Cant evaluate democracy without clear concept/defin of democracy
oYou need to have standards, you need to know what exactly democracy is
What is democracy
No one size fits all definition what should democracy entail in real life
Adjectival democracy
oIs it representive, liberal, social or otherwise?
oVariations of democracy
3 perticular models relevant to Canada, found in Canada, and suggested as ways of
improving democracy
Representive democracy
direct/peliscitary democ
deliverative democ
Preferred term by poliscientists, se catts’s participatory democracy
Differentces. Similarieties
Conceptions of society
oIf people have different understandings of what a society is about (cohesive
groups? Groups of individuals?)
Political philosophy
oThe role of the state? How intrusive should the state be in peoples lives
economoy, social relations, ownership of industries - cbc, lcbo
oOr there should be a minimal role of the state and minimal control
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