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International Terrorism

Political Science
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International Terrorism
Research Paper
Roughly 8 ½ pages (2500 words)
Double spaced
8 sources quality
oNewspapers not academic sources
oJournal articles, academic books academic sources
oGovernment websites good for factual sources
Can use first person
Eliminating International conflict
Less violent/less destructive
Just war principles
States can legitimately go to war only in self-defense
Decision to go to war has to be decided by those who have the authority
Justice in War
oLegitimate targets
oGeneral principle, discrimination distinguish combatants vs. non-combatants
Air power strategic bombers WWII
Largest practisers allied forces
Germans lost control of air space
Carpet bombing
Restrictions on kind of weapons that can be used
Biological and chemical weapons not been abandoned because provisions in
international law because neither have been useful hard to control cant control wind
Other prohibited weapons phosphorus substance produce great deal of smoke
results in horrific burns
Another cluster ammunitions bombs that contain little bomb-lets sometimes do not
explode so that it remains dangerous hazard years later
Land mines hundreds & thousands of mines scattered all around Cambodia
Land mines designed to tear their leg off, not to kill them
UN partially successful peacekeeper problematic
UN not successful for preventing war
oMake up of security council
Realists tend to be pessimistic international law & particular international
organizations are reflections of distribution of power within the international system
powerful control less powerful
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