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Lecture 4

POL114H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Window Tax, Stolypin Reform

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Lecture 4 - Scott's Vision
September 30, 2015
3:13 PM
Last week
o Tilly
How modern (European) states formed
Why modern states ~~ racketeer
This week
o Once states form, how do they administer all those people and the space after they've
monopolized areas through violence and force.
o Why are censuses done? What's the need for it?
Census in Afghanistan
o Enumerating
o Registering
o Choosing Names
o Picking Birthdays; know the age of the population, how many are able to work and pay taxes,
how many are able to join the army
o Issuing ID Cards
Collectivization in Cambodia
o Cities emptied
o Farms Collectivized
o Work Mandatory - require everyone to work on the collectivized farms
o Property, $ ended
o Urban life ended
o End all those things that represent evil
States administer tasks required of their citizens, examples from readings:
-Afghanistan: ensuring that citizens have surnames in order to register them within
the state
-Cambodia: collectivization of the population, making all lands public or state owned,
forcing citizens to work on farms…etc.
Why do states do this?
o Scott's Answer
Bc that's what states do
States => make territory, people "legible" - reading their state and their people
States don't do all the same thing the same way; not everything looks like
the Khmer rouge, every state does this differently
Why seek legibility?
Main tasks
Raise revenue
Maintain Order; inside and outside the country, keep peace
Impossible w/o knowing
Size, age, gender, professions
How much produced
How much land
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