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POL200Y5 Lecture Notes - Master Sergeant

Political Science
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Mark Lippincott

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Oct 30th 2012 pol200 lec
Aristotle… read:
BK I (all)
BK II (Ch. 1-6)
BK III (all)
test on the 13th know Plato’s arguments
at the end of book 1 Socrates says we didn’t get anywhere
picks the title republic best translation governnence. Governenece of what?
The question is it better to live the just life with no rewards at all etc answer in bk 9 YES. The
question for plato is how you govern yourself? How do u navigate in the world? Bthe unjust tend to start
the race of life very quickly. plato says intelligence can make us very unjust depending on how we use
it ie Nazis were smart…..must learn to govern themselves well otherwise they may bring tyranny.
Problem- demotion/promotion when they were raised the wrong metal but you’ve been treating them
wrong. Plato says the foundation/beginning of life is important.
Plato tells us what he’s after THE GOVERNANCE OF YOUR SOUL. Whtever regieme you find yourself in
you must ask yousrself how are you going to govern youself.
Plato tells us most philosophers if theyre plans were implemented there would be harm although that’s
not there intensions. Plato gets us to slow down n look @ the implications is the implication justice?
Plato is trying to help us come to an understanding of this. hes talking about gov of the sou how is this
related to ploticis?l how are you going to be political if your soul isn’t healthy.
How do you rule over the gods? You rewrite what the gods wrote.
People who think they know it all ( LIKE EUTHYPHRO) close there minds plato doesn’t want us to be
like this or fall victim to someone like this,
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