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Lecture 27

MAT135Y5 Lecture 27: Week 9 - 11.2 contd

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Maria Wesslen

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a f a r tarz tar' lsiter is a Con merge Solution 2. ly a wide converge 2 Cont are convergent and C Co and an fe Convera and is diverge then (ah ibn) is could be Example the series or d erger 2 harmoni 2. Series Converge Telescoping Series these are a tuge of sevies named alter how we corngute f eir arr f possrbie Find su use part Pro S to re eventinin after I and cencels escept and h but thaj When e terestroing ser mdhnd Wiman you inve all 3 of these 1. oses for sum 2. When Series not a Fries enmis Integral Test 3 Suppose is a positive decrea tion on CN ard then 3. a conver oerwr thei als Convenger i)H is divergent then Nan also divergert the Series Aix is crts Co, d), pusriive decreasing intergral rs convergent Senesis cave geni ample nut necesariu to
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