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Management lecture Jan 17th (guest lecture) Increasing Sustainability can be Beneficial for Industry – works at geosyntec – helps companies clean up environmental problems from past or present – sustainability- meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – triple bottom line- social, environment, economic – drucker- purpose of business: creating and keeping customers – sustainability gives you a better image – Friedman- purpose of business: increasing shareholder value – if you can cut costs you can be more sustainable you can save shareholder money – sustainability being part of corporate culture – ex. DuPont – chemical company – one of their missions is sustainable growth – they outline their strategy about why they want sustainable growth – they want more world wide customers – increase shareholder values – not altruistic- make profit – Externalities – Canadian pacific railway is being put throughout all Canada, and through sudbury rocks were thicker and had nickel so they had to burn nickel in order to get through it, they had to deforest the whole place (lead to acid rain from the burning) – the people mining didn’t take in the environment – only so much acid rain you can have before it takes a negative effect – CO2 emissions – more difficult than acid rain – Short Term Planning – bio gas reactor where you take waste food and turn it into methane gas to run generators, heaters etc – can be put
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