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PHL283H5S July 23rdClass 6Body Alterations and Contested ProceduresThe Limits of Informed Consent Are there any medical proceduresinterventions that we ought to ban competent adults from undertakingContested Procedures Amputating a healthy limb adult FGC various forms of human enhancementInfant circumcisionAre any forms of infant genital circumcision morally permissible Should any forms be legally permissibleSheldon and Wilkinson Female Genital Mutilation and Cosmetic SurgeryAttempts to justify laws that ban female genital cutting for adults while taking a permissive stance towards all forms of cosmetic surgery are not consistent Burden of proof falls on those who attempt to limit the liberty of adultsFour Arguments for Prohibition of Female Genital Cutting FGC1Impossibility of Valid Consent2Oppressive and Sexist Practice3Intentional Infliction of Injury4Causes OffenseSW 34 are bad arguments 1 and 2 apply to cosmetic surgery as well1 Consent1Only someone who is coerced manipulated or highly irrational would agree to undergo female genital mutilation2Female genital cutting for adults would only be permissible if someone could validly consent to it3Since informed consent is in practice impossible female genital cutting is impermissibleResponseIf the claim that consent to these procedures can never be valid holds true then it also holds true for many forms of cosmetic surgery that result from social pressures to conform to physical ideals2 Oppressive and Sexist Practice1Female genital cutting is part of a set of oppressive practices and attitudes towards women2The law should discourage and prevent oppressive practices3Therefore the law ought to ban female genital cutting in all casesResponse1
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