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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Peter Loewen

Thursday January1212 POL111 Lecture 2 Canada in a Comparative PerspectiveThe Origins of the Modern State or a road map towards civility First writing assignmentcheck tomorrow due on Jan 26 at 8am through the insight enhancedFirst online assignmenttomorrow available until next ThursdayTowton 25War of the Rosescivil war breakdown of the English governmenttho 15 c what life was like before the modern state o People called to wars before their choosing and death in massive scaleo Our of the war resulted the proper modern English state What is the State o Its about an organization who are able to do violence within a certain territory Common Factors What is the state o But is it a person It does something it rules an area through the use of forceo Does it exist in a physical senseo Do citizens Can you be a citizen in the absence of a state Violence and coercion of the state The state produces violence What does it mean for it to do this Threat of Coercion o The health care system and universities are not violence producing Social organizations do no legitimately produce violenceo The purpose of the state is to produce and use violenceo Lifethey use their right to use force on citizens to organize public life How doe it organize your behaviourthrough laws and law enforcement it makes laws about the behaviour we are allowed to be engaged it but it doesnt tell us manners it tells us that you are limited to driving speeds your not allowed to steal or murder o One of the ways it does this is through the use of force it has sanctions that keeps us from doing thingso We are not killed always but we are detainedo If people try to take over the power of the state it can use police and military
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