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Lecture 7

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Political Science
Peter Loewen

Thursday, February-16-12 POL111: Lecture 7 Canada in a Comparative Perspective  Classifying Types of Democracy o A government is the group of politicians who have executive authority to make decision and enforce laws, Stephen harper has 31 cabinet ministers o The legislatures are people who make laws o The cabinet is within legislature in Canada o Concept of responsible-you are responsible for your work and obligations in your life but there are people who we are responsible to, ie. You do the work for the prof, he is resp to the dean-who you have to answer to o Responsibility to and for  Figure 11.1 o Does the government depend on the legislature for its power and survival, does it have to answer to the legislature-this is the to part o Stephen harper relies on house of commons for his authority 3. o We don’t elect him directly so there is a parliamentary democracy o You can have systems where the government is respnocible to the president and the legislature  Classifying Types of Democracy o What is meant by responsible-when you are responsible the other person has to have confidence in you, ie. You are responsible to the supervisor, and they have confidence to you if you keep doing the job o Legislative resp=the legislature could remove its authority from the government to kill it which is the vote of non-confidence, it is a vote whether the legislature has faith in the govt which is resp to it o The govt in the US is the president, legislature is the congress and it cant remove him, the president is answerable to the people since he is elected by them  The legislature can say if they have faith or not in the govt  Is there an independently elected president o It is necessity but not sufficient for a presidential regime  is the govt also resp to the president o in france there is a government it is a cabinet drawn from a legislature and they can dismiss them, and the leader could 1 Thursday, February-16-12  11.1  What distinguishes them  11.2 o Democracies in the world has been democracies and most are parliamentary, just over half o It is the most common and straightforward  Making and Breaking Governments o The govt depends on legislature to exist o How are they born and die from the legislature  Government o The government needs a maj of the politicians to say this is the govt- parliamentary o Executive vs legislature and judiciary in a parliamentary system the government (PM and ministers) are elected from the legislature which is why the government is composed…  With cabinet ministers you could have ministerial resp-the ministers is responsible for what happens in his ministry ie. Jim F is resp for the pol and administrative and financial decision, if there is an issue in the ministry of finance it is always the minister of finance  Ministers haave to answer to legislature for the decision in their departments  They can be explain why they made a decision  Collective-the whole ministry is responsible for the ministry’s or cabinets decisions ie. Tuition will increase by 20 percent, it means that every minister is expected to support that decision and cant disagree with it  One is the ministries-just the ministers are responsible for their department  Then there is the idea that everyone is responsible for every decision the cabinet’s decision  If they disagree they could resign or just agree with them, there needs to be solidarity because you have to know what the government policy is, the legislature knows the preferences of the government, its actions and wither it supports its preferences 
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