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Political Science
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Mark Lippincott

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POL200 November 1 st - art and poetry works upon us in ways we cannot understand - problem: it can corrupt, unsettle even the most just souls among us - Plato is not just talking about the education of the philosopher o true philosopher is the most just individual o justice is an ongoing maintenance/care/project to keep those three parts of the soul in proper order and to keep from meddling in the affairs of others - no one is completely immune to the sirens song of injustice - philosophy – wisdom loving part – should be careful - ends republic with a myth – the myth of ER - once u choose, your choice cannot be revoked o once you choose the lifestyle of the tyrant, they realize they will be hated and despised  destined to eat their own children o each example at the end of book end shares a common thread – reaction to their previous life o Odysseus: even if I had chosen first, I would’ve chosen this life – no restrictions – life of a simple farmer o not his message – lead a simple life o every example in the myth of ER – follows the same pattern – reaction to the previous life o non philosophical reactions – education through life experience o fear of getting caught – if we can get away with it, we will practise injustice - doesn’t understand justice, but acted justly - if you have the wisdom loving part of the soul ruling with the aid of the spirited part of the soul (lion) over the appetites and the desires (headed beast) – by definition, you are just o but you must give it up easily o because you don’t know what you have o once you remove the threat of getting ca
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