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POL200 oct 4

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Mark Lippincott

POL200 October 4 th - Gods are good - Gods don’t change – same form - “ideals” – establishment in the city - convince everyone that all other life up to this point has been a dream o while asleep/dreaming – Gods were putting different metals into the souls  gold, silver, iron/bronze  gold: rulers, true guardians, wise  silver: auxiliaries, warriors, soldiers  iron/bronze: workers  3 essential classes of people - hierarchy by nature: small class of the wise, who rule with the help of the courageous and the support of the workers – the noble lie - by God - these type of lies can be medicinal – if properly used by the proper people, under the proper conditions – ex. Homeopathy o lie/deception in order to bring help - 2 different types of lies o verbal: can be used justly – if used wisely  but most people should not lie – champion the idea of truth  lying is harmful  the few (doctors of the soul): can use a verbal lie well without causing harm o lie of the soul: lie that misleads you about who you really are – your true nature  can never be used w/o causing harm - by nature, a few of us are fit to rule – capable of seeing the big picture - warriors/soldiers - neither of the latter, but fit to work - previous life was a dream – simplification of a clear but complex truth that there are 3 different types of people - you think you are carrying around gold in your souls – believe you are superior - is it really noble or is it a verbal lie ? – telling us who we are by nature - no one is gold/silver/iron/bronze o the metals are “mixed” into our souls - all of us have a spiritual part/ruling par
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