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Lecture 8

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Political Science
Mark Yaniszewski

Pol 208 Lecture 8 Discourse theory and post modernism Antonio Gramsci - Post modern scholar - Communist but critical of marx - Imprisoned by fascist in Italy, book – prison notebooks - Interested in importance of ideas – how ways of thinking shape national and international stuff - Disagreed with orthodox Marxism - Doesn’t believe that everything depends on economic factors - The survival of capitalism = ideological force, the power of ideas, cultural hegemony - Cultural hegemony – convince people to the extent that they wont ever consider an alternative, heavily influenced. False consciousness through religion (the Church) and education. However its a possibility to escape this = improve position instead of over throwing it Louis Altoussen - 2 forces to reproduce the system: RSA and ISA regressive and ideological state apparatus - Rsa: police, army, bureaucracy, judicial and penal systems – use force to maintain order (physical force) - Isa: control you by controlling your thoughts through media, education, systems, religious organizations Michael Faucault - Book: discipline and punish - Discourses can change, not quickly but they do change - No one discourse is better than the other, theyre just different, example:  1 discourse – mad people are special, gifted, spiritual, connected to god nd  2 discourse – mad people should be locked away  3 discourse – mad people are ill and should be treated, medical issue - Capitalism is just another discourse - It brings change, an alternative. But it isn’t easy Post modernism, critique of realism 1) Ethnocentrism – ethnocentric modes and assumptions - Ethnocentric understanding = main player is the State - P
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