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Lecture 7

lecture 7 IPCE reading notes

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Political Science
Todd Hall

POL208 – Reading Notes (IPCE) Lecture 7 Domestic Influences • Bureaucracies o Diplomats  Nearly all states maintain a diplomatic corps/foreign service • Ambassadors, diplomats in embassies abroad, etc  Main role is to carry out rather than create policies o Interagency Tensions  Different bureaucracies have diff preferences • Ex. Defence ministry vs. State Department  Bureaucratic rivalry as an influence on foreign policy challenges the notion of states as unitary actors in the int’l system. Such rivalries suggest that a state doesn’t have any single set of goals (a nat’l interest), but that its actions may result from the bargaining of subunits, each with its own set of goals • Interest Groups o Coalitions of people who share a common interest in the outcome of some political issue and who organize themselves to try to influence the outcome o Also bring into question idea of the state as a unitary actor, like bureaucracies • The Military-Indus
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