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Political Science
Andrea Olive

Nov. 6 Pol 200 − Aristotle, free born male gets to enter into the realm of politics unrestrained − Aristotle heir to Plato in this sense − Aristotle Politics: − 1 : Its crucial to get the proper relations in the household, its a stepping stone into the realm of politics − The telos of a freeborn male is to develop into a political actor, − This exchange among equals, rule and be ruled, important aspect of living the political life − The only beings that would not be in the polis are gods or beasts − Plato repeatedly returns to the theme of the problems of wealth in Republic − Private realm issues of the home into public realm of politics − Aristotle: If you are concerned about your own economic well being, you are unfit for living the political life, if you are unsure that your household is not economically stable, you will be tempted to use politics as an advantage. − A: We need to free the members of those households free from economic concerns. − The household must be transcended, its a severing of concern, − Leisure is essential to living the political life, you could lose it by not having enough, or by having too much by being consumed − Critique of utopian thought: Plato was brilliant, his dialogues were a pleasure, but in a sense he goes too far. − A: Plato misses the most important point of all, the question is not whether we take property from the ruling class, but the influence of the private family corrupt the public political regime. − A: We should have property in private, but its benefits should be common. (Have a system of common meals, no one should starve, so that all citizens are there to help each other and break bread with each other) Should be a system where the well off are able to share their excess with less well off citizens in the polis. − Things that are owned commonly are treated worse than if public things, you are more likely to be caring of that thing if you yourself own it. Thats why dont take property from people. − Aristotle: Not only are you likely to care, maintain, develop something thats yours more, but private property is a necessary stage in your ethical, and political growth. (ethics, politics are intertwined forA) − Eg. Gift-giving--> Its not until you have something that you consider to be truly yours, that you can actually be tested to see whether you can actually give it away freely. You have to give something of yours to someone else to develop the character needed for participation in the political life. − A: Ofcourse youll be more caring and nurturing and willing to sacrifice you own children, than to a classroom of children, it's natural to favor your own. But can you develop beyond that, or is just about the family, only the family and nothing but the family???? − Telos (end goal) − If you remain trapped in the familial and economic concerns of the household, you drag all thse concerns along with you and destroy/corrupt the political realm. − Aristotle in the beginning in Book 2 makes a mista
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