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Political Science
Justin Bumgardner

thLecture November 8 2012POL3432006 North Korea tested their first nuclear weapon 2009 tested the second Roy rejects the irrelational idea he states they violated the NPT because it feels insecure domesticallyinternationally due to costlose they do this The economy of North Korea is struggling doesnt work Well over a million have starved to death eating bark off trees North Korea has this propaganda like its utopia their government has never been honest about the extent of poverty North Korea feels threatened by Japan Korea was occupied by Japan till 1945 There has never been a peace deal South Korea has 40 x the economic capacity US referred to North Korea as evil feels insecure from the outside which convinces North Korea to behave the way that it doesSlide 2 concessions many forms economic aid respect incident in North Korea government arrested American journalists exchange for their release former president Bill Clinton visited them saw this as respectPolicy of Extortion ex youre a store owner in a city but your in the dangerous part of the city where crime happens Some criminal comes you and say will pay x amount of money to protect you Store owner pays or not pay the money you go into work and windows are smashed better off just paying them Extortion can happen internationally we want these supplies cash these things give them to us or were gunna test a bomb or fire a missile towards South Korea think stick approach doesnt work North Korea is
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