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Lecture 7

PSY100Y5 Lecture 7: Lab 7- Positive Psychology and Meditation

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Lab 7: Positive Psychology and Meditation
Positive Psychology: psychology as a discipline should be concerned with BOTH:
- Strengths as it is with weakness
o What does it mean to be self-actualized, to reach your potential/ performing
- Building the best things in life as it is in repairing the worst
- Making the lives of normal people fulfilling as it is with healing pathology
- Wellbeing and happiness will fall under the definition of positive psychology
Meditation has been known to increase immune system, help relax, relieve stress, etc…
- Experiment involves a pretest, posttest, and design
- Measure attention and memory->meditate->measure attention and memory again
- Independent variable is related to the idea of pretest/posttest, whatever is in between is
the independent variable (in this case it is mediation)
- Dependent variable is the number of seconds you spend on the second slide, staring at the
dot in the middle until it stops moving (focus and attention)
- Measure attention before and after mediation, prediction is that after meditation the
picture will stop moving quicker
- The way we measure memory is to see how fast we solve simple math (memory)
o Meditation will make you more fluent to retrieve information
Meditation Technique
- Progressive relaxation: Herbert Benson, relaxation that is progressing, for example: relaxing
from the feet all the way up to the head, states that to help you not think you should chose
a focus word to say when you breathe out- mediation is all about breathing
o Studies show that if people use a word from a prayer that they do it is shown that it
is way more effective in helping you think of nothing
E.g. a good focus word could be peace
- Meditation boosts immune system, and has shown that for people who are about to
undergo surgery and you split them into a control group and a meditation group, it is shown
that the meditation group is released 3 days earlier than the control group- healing faster
o Drug dosages are also cut in half and have the same effect as full dosages
o Fever complications from surgeries- less infections
- Meditation can also change the DNA in every cell in your body, changes gene activities that
are the opposite of those associated stress- clinically proven and data supports that the
meditation does indeed affect your body and mind
Hypothesis: You will show greater attention and memory after meditation
- Stop motion illusion quicker after meditation
- Memory will be faster and focus and math calculations will be faster
- Better after meditation than after meditation
8 Steps to a More Satisfying Life
Sonja Lyubomirsky, University of California
1) Count your blessings
- Once a week write down three-five things for which you are currently thankful, from the mundane
things (your plant booming) to the magnificent things (a child’s first steps)
- the more you do this the more likely it is that you will be a happy individual
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