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PSY100Y5 Lecture Notes - Parental Investment, Twin Study, Limbic System

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May 30th
Motivation and Emotion
-motivation refers to the moving force that energizes behaviour
odirection or goal of motives
ostrength of motives
-motives reflect:
obiological needs
opsychosocial needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Self-Actualization – creative art, service to others
Steem – respect from peers
Love or belongingness – intimacy
Safety – housing, money
Physiological – hunger, thirst
Hypothalamic Regulation of Eating
-hypothalamus receives information regarding nutrient levels in body
olateral region
stimulation induces eating
lesions of the lateral region produce starvation
oventromedial region
lesions induce overeating
stimulation inhibits eating
Sexual Motivation
-1. hormones
oorganizational effects: prenatal exposure to androgens alters the neural circuits
in brain and spinal cord,
adult behaviour of androgenized subject is masculine
oactivational effects: alteration of adult levels of hormones can alter the intensity
of a behaviour that is modulated by that hormone
-2. pheromones
-3. environmental cues
Evolutionary Analysis of Human Sexual Behaviour
-parental investment
-patterns of sexual activity
-differences in mate preferences
Sexual Orientation
-sexual orientation is the direction of attraction for a sexual partner
ohomosexuality: attraction for person of the same-sex
-twin studies document a biological basis for homosexuality
-hormonal responses differ between homosexual and heterosexual men
Affiliation Motives
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