PSY230H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Life Satisfaction, Convergent Validity, Implicit-Association Test

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Published on 19 Nov 2016
Unconscious Processes
What are unconscious processes?
Measuring individual differences in unconscious processes: self-esteem
Definitions of Unconscious Processes
Unconscious processes are uncontrollable
Unconscious processes occur outside awareness
Unconscious processes are uncontrollable
Perceptual illusions remain even when we are aware that it is an illusion
However, we can change our behaviour once we are aware of the
Implicit Personality Measures
Projective tests
o Thematic perception test (TAT)
o Rorschach
Computerized tasks
o Subliminal presented stimuli (awareness)
o Reaction time tasks (controllability)
Implicit Association Test (IAT)
First published in 1998
Quickly became the most widely used implicit measure of individual
First used by social psychologists to study attitudes (prejudice, political
attitudes, gender stereotypes)
Later also used to measure personality traits (self-esteem, shyness,
o Classifying two sets of stimuli
Group membership (eg. Canada vs. USA)
Valence (good vs. bad)
o Task A
Left key (Canada/good) right key (USA/bad)
o Task B
Left key (Canada/bad) right key 9USA/good)
o Pro Canadian attitude
RT (Task B)- RT (Task A)
o RT= reaction time
Is the IAT valid?
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find more resources at
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