PSY352H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Satsumon Culture, Gypsum, Homo Erectus

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8 Apr 2018

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LECTURE 4 Jan 16
Who are the Ainu ctd
· Standard hypothesis who these ppl were- racism, these ppl are Caucasian
· Men are hunters, women are gatherers, traditional
· Romanticism about the primitive, Japanese looking for ppl one with nature
· Revitalization and return to the past. But which past, and according to whom?
o Political and social
Grain in samples
· Came up with hypotheses, the Ainu had constant interactions with society around
them in Japan and Russia, similar to other cultures at the time other aspects as well
· Test evidence, disapprove of who they were, could we replicate data by looking at
other sites is northern Japan, looked at a whole site, looked at Hokkaido, they were to
replicate their original findings and showed these ppl had agriculture
· They weren’t isolated hunter gatherers, they were interacting with other ppl,
Hokkaido recently came apart of modern Japan,
Satsumon culture
· Recovered iron from these sites, also discovered they were smelting iron,
they learned metallurgy
· Preceding period ppl were also connected to Japan, northern Japanese pottery
being traded to the south, trading pottery, economic relationships- this
contradicts the strong thinking of isolation
· Glass beads traded into Hokkaido
Revised historical sequence
· We see north tohoku period interacting with southwestern Japan
· There is no sense of isolation
· This all negates “European” hypothesis
· Btwn 1100 AD all pottery has been placed with Japanese pottery
· We found huge data that contradicted who the Ainu were
· New model of the Ainu- look at the slides
· These folks were biologically easy Asian
This data demonstrates how the scientific method can be applied, the Ainu are target of
· Ppl want to believe- one of the requirements of Hoax
· The Cardiff giant, found in October 1869
· Then confession was made in December 1869 by Hull
· Ppl were sucked in, this fraud, incredibly transparent, when the fraud becomes
sophisticated ppl get sucked in
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find more resources at
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